What is this about?

Welcome to OpenVlog at MobVCasting.com. Anyone may post a mobile phone created image or video by sending the file via MMS to openvlog@mobvcasting.com

Try it out.. Let us know how it works and what you think. We are considering allowing people to create their own blogs here or even use this service to post to an existing blog on a different server.

One note, Sprint messages do not work as Sprint doesn’t send the actual video file through email. This is unfortunate but alas unless you know who at Sprint to talk with about correcting this, I am at a loss (unless some day I feel like spending ridiculous amounts of time working around it). T-Mobile, Cingular and Verizon are definitely known to work. Other’s I am not sure about and probably won’t work until I enable them to come through the spam filters. If you are attempting to use this with another service, drop me a line and we can do a test.

My email: shawn@mobvcasting.com